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3 minute 35 second Aural Tour

Too much information? No problem. Start by downloading our aural tour. Although it would be virtually impossible to include everything we have to offer, this wav file covers a ton of styles from classical to rock to ethnic. It's 36.2 MB so click on the link and by the time you get back from the bar your 3 minute 35 second musical adventure will be waiting for you.

3 minute 35 second Video Tour

Want pictures with your music? Here's a web friendly video incorporating the above sound track with pictures from actual events. Its 2.2 MB so you can download it fairly painlessly.

Wanna dive right in?

Use the links above to find out about all the exciting dance bands, jazz combos, classical ensembles, disc jockeys and karaoke, ethnic ensembles and soloists that Music Unlimited has to offer. You can also purchase recordings and arrangements by James Bazen in our online store.

For more resources please feel free to puruse this list of useful links.