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Disc Jockeys

Yes it is highly unusual to book a DJ online. But here at Music Unlimited we are cutting edge!

We have designed this so you have a no hassle and efficient way of booking your entertainment. A few clicks and in minutes you are done. No fuss or bother and a great DJ to boot.

DJ Debbie Bulles was excellent.
- Joanne Meyer, CSI Engineering Holiday Party

Mike [Takacs] was fantastic!
- Matt Williams Wedding Reception

I think this is the 8th or 9th year we have been clients!
- Beatrice Welters, Annual Memorial Day Pary

John Bell (sitar) was wonderful and added so much to the whole Hindu experience, and [DJ] Larry [Twyman] really earned every penny. He did a wonderful job getting and keeping people out of their chairs, which wasn’t very easy!
- Kim Short Wedding Ceremony and Reception