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Concert Band - Developing

Mystic Warrior - Developing Concert Band
Composed: James Bazen
Orchestrated: James Bazen
Score for: 2 Flutes; Oboe; 2 Clarinets; Bass Clarinet; Alto, Tenor and Bari Sax; French Horn; 2 Trumpets; Trombone (can also be played by Baritone, Euphonium or Bassoon); Tuba; Optional Timpani; Optional Glockenspiel; Percussion 1 (bass and snare drum); Optional Advanced Percussion 1 (bass and snare drum); Percussion 2 (Cymbals, Toms, Triangle).

An heroic piece with lots of brass and percussion. Starts with a short slow mysteriouso theme that quickly accelerates to a driving majestic melody.